Surviving the unthinkable: The importance of GNSS/GPS backup

The greatest threat to our way of life could be something most people rarely consider. Here’s what you need to know about GNSS/GPS dependence.
Nino De Falcis

From a zombie apocalypse to an alien attack, pop culture is full of scenarios that could spell the end of the world as we know it. Hollywood loves to show us how we may or may not cope if the unexpected suddenly turns our world upside down. But what if the most probable cause of widespread chaos is something the movie-makers never seem to think about? 

What if I told you that disruption to GNSS/GPS signals – caused by interference with the signal itself, or even physical damage to satellites – could have the kind of devastating consequences depicted in The Walking Dead? The effects would be widespread and far-reaching, leading to a daunting new reality with television networks shutting down, ATMs malfunctioning and internet connections collapsing. Mobile phones would become useless, traffic lights and railway signals would fail, and commercial air traffic would be in disarray. Power plants and water treatment facilities would also face challenges, and the military’s ability to respond would be hindered due to communication losses with pilots and drones.

With our coreSync™ OSA 3350 SePRC™ optical cesium clock, critical systems and services can continue to function, even in the event of a disruption to GNSS/GPS signals.

This nightmare scenario is outlined in just two minutes in CNN’s eye-opening and highly informative video report on what would happen to America if GPS was attacked. And it’s for this reason that we developed our cesium atomic clock technology. It offers the strongest defense against this very real Doomsday threat by providing the most precise and reliable GNSS/GPS backup available. 

Our coreSync™ OSA 3350 SePRC™ optical cesium clock is the most accurate and reliable GPS backup available, surpassing satellite-based timing in both accuracy and stability. This means that even in the event of a disruption to GNSS/GPS signals, critical systems and services can continue to function, ensuring the continuity of society. With its advanced optical pumping technology and holdover of 100 nanoseconds typically for 55 days, our cesium atomic clock offers a robust backup solution. The coreSync™ OSA 3350 SePRC™ also has a ten-year lifespan and a fully modular design, with modern and secure management capabilities via SNMP.

In a world where our whole way of life depends more on GNSS/GPS every day, the threat of disruption is real and its consequences could be devastating. However, with the coreSync™ OSA 3350 SePRC™, you can be prepared and ensure that even in the worst-case scenario, services and society can continue. At Oscilloquartz, we’re committed to providing the most accurate and reliable backup solutions, giving you the confidence to face the unthinkable.

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