Five keys to delivering amazing Wi-Fi 6 experiences

Extending multi-gigabit connectivity from the access network to the home can deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. Here's how.
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The home has become the hub from which your subscribers collectively live, work, play, and learn - virtually. The demands upon the hyper-connected homes continuously grow because of the demand for 4K streaming, online learning, remote working, and cloud gaming across various devices. This is compounded by multiple family members accessing the network simultaneously with numerous devices. According to a recent Plume Insights report, U.S. households are now averaging over 21 connected devices. This has driven the need for higher-bandwidth residential services. According to OpenVault’s Q4’21 Broadband Insights report, gigabit subscriptions were up 44% in 2021 and now constitute 12% of all subscribers. Fiber providers are raising the bar with multi-gigabit residential services via 10-gigabit-capable XGS-PON technology.

Addressing the Bandwidth Bottleneck

However, deploying fiber and multi-gigabit services is not the only solution. The bandwidth bottleneck is now shifting to the in-home Wi-Fi network. Subscribers now equate Wi-Fi with the Internet, and extending the gigabit experience from the access network into the home is critical for your success.

So, which Wi-Fi technology offers the best blend of coverage and device support? What about mesh Wi-Fi? What tools do you need to manage and optimize the Wi-Fi experience? How do you empower your customer service representatives (CSRs) with insight to speed issue resolution and avoid truck rolls?

The five keys to delivering next-level, in-home Wi-Fi experiences and gaining passionately loyal customers are:

1. Start with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax is the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology. With support for wider 160 MHz channels, and up to 8x8 Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), Wi-Fi 6 delivers more than four times higher throughput and supports eight times more simultaneous connections, making it ideal for the multi-device, multi-user connected home. With the addition of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and Basic Service Set (BSS) coloring, Wi-Fi 6 delivers a more efficient, higher-capacity network that scales to support the explosion of IoT devices, now and into the future. Wi-Fi 6 also offers increased coverage making better use of both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz spectrums and providing higher efficiency delivering up to 25% higher peak data rates.


2. Deploy Carrier-Class Wi-Fi 6 Gateways: Subscribers need reliable, high-performance connectivity whether in the living room, dad’s man cave, the kid’s bedrooms, the family’s favorite hangout spots, or the backyard office. Wi-Fi 6 gateways with carrier-class radios, high-performance omnidirectional antennas, and innovative design reduce RF interference allowing you to deliver always-on, 360° coverage to all the devices and users in the home. Utilize tri-band mesh extenders with dedicated radios for backhaul to extend multi-gigabit connectivity across the home and property.

3. Deliver Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi: Deliver transformational in-home experiences with cloud-managed Wi-Fi built on open standards, like OpenSync™. The OpenSync™ platform allows you to centralize the management of thousands of gateways in the cloud. It utilizes real-time telemetry, machine learning, AI, and automation to deliver finetuned performance, ensuring a Wi-Fi network that works. Put the subscriber in control by offering an intuitive self-install that guides users through the process in minutes and provides value-added features such as parental controls, network security, and guest access to manage the in-home experience.

4 .Empower Your CSRs With Deep Data: Delivering Wi-Fi that works significantly cuts inbound calls, freeing your staff to work on strategic business initiatives. However, when subscribers call, empower your team with the insights needed to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Use cloud-based software tools to gather data from the network, in-home Wi-Fi, and connected devices. In minutes you can analyze that data to pinpoint the root cause and enable the CSR to resolve or remotely troubleshoot the issue, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.

5. Visualization and Insight for Agile Operations: Your operations team needs better visualization tools to understand traffic trends and proactively optimize the network. Deploy a single-pane-of-glass portal that offers a network-wide view. It can drill down to impacted sites to identify congestion spots and proactively correct issues before they impact subscribers. Better visualization tools allow you to plan network upgrades to improve resiliency and future-proof the network.


The key to success for service providers will be delivering great subscriber experiences from the access network all the way into the in-home Wi-Fi environment. By utilizing the right blend of Wi-Fi technology, cloud management, AI, automation, and data and visualization tools, you can deliver amazing end-to-end gigabit experiences that will increase your net promoter scores (NPS) and result in passionately loyal customers. Click to learn how you can deliver amazing Wi-Fi 6 experiences for your customers with Adtran Connected Home Solutions.

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