From Bangkok to Athens to Huntsville: Meeting Oscilloquartz partners around the world

The return of face-to-face meetings was a chance to discuss our latest innovation for assuring resilient sync services with partners across the world. Here’s where our journey took us …
Igal Pinhasov

Last year was a big one for our team. After many months of nothing but online calls, we finally had the opportunity to connect with our partners in person through a series of global meetings in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Together, we delved into the most crucial trends in network timing and explored the expanding reach of synchronization beyond the traditional telecom market. We were able to discuss the importance of assured positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) and how our product line can provide the highest level of resiliency for critical infrastructure and defense-in-depth protection for national security. What’s more, it was a great chance to get to know people and strengthen the bonds between our teams.

Success stories from around the globe

Our APAC partner meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand, where our partner NEC Japan shared several stories of customer success. Then it was over to Athens, Greece for our EMEA partner meeting, where Jörg Urban told us all about a broadcast customer in Eastern Europe who has been utilizing our technology to synchronize its DVB-T2 network. The customer had realized that relying solely on GNSS for synchronization was insufficient because jamming or other forms of interference can disrupt signals, causing service outages. By building a GNSS-independent sync network, they have been able to ensure that services remain operational and that reliable information and communication can be maintained for both the military and civilians.

East-European customer case Resilient end-to-end timing supply for terrestrial broadcast

Power grid modernization and jamming and spoofing detection

The Americas partner meeting was held in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, where Nino De Falcis presented the Evergy Network Modernization use case. This customer aimed to modernize its power grid and provide synchronization to its backhaul network based on ePRTC, using our cesium clock and OSA 5422 devices. The customer is also leveraging our PTP Power Profile grandmaster technology which is locked to GNSS and has a backup from PTP, as well as making use of our jamming and spoofing detection provided by both the device and our Ensemble Network Controller.

ePRTC solution with OSA5422 as DAC

Innovating for the future

The meetings also gave our partners and us an opportunity to look ahead at how we can continue to innovate and go even further for customers. One of our main focuses for the upcoming year is our cutting-edge optical cesium technology that addresses the increasing risk of jamming and spoofing cyberattacks on network infrastructure by enabling robust TaaS and GBaaS. To combat this issue, we've introduced our OSA 3300 and 3350 technology, including our most recent SePRC, which typically delivers 55 days of holdover with 100nsec accuracy, significantly outperforming any other solution on the market.

Our focus on our assured PNT platform, our aPNT+, is also key. This platform is designed to protect against cyber threats by providing multi-layer detection of malicious and unintentional disturbances to satellite signals. It also offers multi-source backup such as cesium, PTP network, and NTP, to ensure that our customers have a reliable and resilient PNT service even in the most adverse conditions. We believe that by working closely with our partners and continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible, we can help our customers succeed in a rapidly evolving market.

We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to connect with our partners in person, and we're excited to continue working together to help businesses and institutions across the world maintain reliable and resilient synchronization services.

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