Key takeaways from ITSF 2023

We had a great time at ITSF, syncing up with so many colleagues and customers from across the world. Dive into our recap for a look back on the event’s biggest talks and tech reveals
Igal Pinhasov

The International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF) in November is always a major event in the calendar for synchronization professionals. Held this year in Antwerp, Belgium, ITSF 2023 was particularly notable for its record-breaking attendance, with more than 360 delegates from over 34 countries, representing more than 170 companies, as well as for its exceptional organization and great choice of venue. As always, it brought together industry specialists to exchange insights and foster new connections. Our Oscilloquartz team was once again at the forefront, playing a key role in workshops, presentations and showcases.

Addressing the core needs of PNT

Presentations across the week consistently focused on the criticality of assured positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT). They highlighted the necessity for these systems to be resilient, dependable and safeguarded against jamming and spoofing attacks. 

We displayed our advanced aPNT+ platform, which has been thoroughly tested during Norway's Jammertest Andøya 2023. This solution meets all industry challenges and sets a new standard in PNT technology. Designed to ensure precise timing essential for national security and economic stability, it aligns with global guidelines for protecting critical infrastructure against PNT disruptions. The suite includes accessSync™, edgeSync™ and coreSync™ grandmasters, offering scalable and resilient PNT services enhanced with AI for full control and visibility. The platform’s advanced multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver technology equips infrastructure operators to effectively counter any threat on the PNT landscape.

Key sessions

ITSF 2023

There was a high caliber of speakers at this year’s event, with over 87 experts sharing their in-depth knowledge and the latest advancements in the field of synchronization and timing.

Jörg Urban’s detailed presentation on railway network synchronization was insightful. He explained how our ePRTCs and our advanced optical cesium atomic technology can meet global standards for safe and efficient railway operations. A case study from a major German railway customer further illustrated the practical applications of our equipment in this sector.

Ken Hann’s session on the need for precise monitoring in timing networks was another highlight. He emphasized the vulnerabilities of GNSS receivers and the necessity for sophisticated monitoring tools, especially crucial in sectors like finance, healthcare and defense.

Anil Reddy’s advocacy for a resilient national timing infrastructure was a crucial topic, especially against the backdrop of increasing GNSS vulnerabilities. His perspective on the strategic importance of such infrastructure across sectors was enlightening, underscoring the necessity of a robust backup service for national systems.

And Jeremy Thomas’s session on resilient timing for utilities emphasized the critical role of Oscilloquartz’s aPNT solution in safeguarding power grid infrastructure. His discussion on AI-enabled automated management against GNSS threats like jamming and spoofing was especially forward-thinking.

Latest innovation

We also took the opportunity to highlight our latest innovation, including our optical cesium atomic clock technology, which is setting new standards in accuracy and stability and is now validated by a leading European metrology institute.

And we got to talk with customers about the integration of Satellite Time and Location (STL) PNT technology into our solutions. Our OSA 5405-S and OSA 5400 STL module now feature STL, enhancing security and reliability through a dual-source approach.

Engaging with our customers

ITSF 2023

One of the best things about ITSF 2023 for our team was how we had the opportunity to connect with so many Oscilloquartz customers, both familiar faces and new ones. This event, more than any other in our industry, is a focal point for meeting a diverse range of people from various sectors. So it was a great chance to find out more about our customers’ evolving needs and get direct feedback on our offerings. This interaction is instrumental in guiding our future innovations and maintaining our position as a leader in the synchronization and timing industry. 

Looking ahead

We had a great time at ITSF 2023, and we’re excited to keep leading the charge in creating solutions for a world that’s getting more and more connected. A huge thanks to everyone who participated – your insights and contributions mean a lot. We’re really looking forward to teaming up again next year and cooking up new innovations. Here’s to 2024! 

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