When investing in broadband solutions, don’t get fooled by doorbuster specials

Just like retailers with their Black Friday deals, broadband and Wi-Fi suppliers often hide hidden costs behind special offers. Here’s how to avoid the tricks and get genuine value.
Prayson Pate
No hidden fees, spelt on dice

Oh, you want wheels with that car?

One trick suppliers will play is to quote a hardware device and not include the cost of required software. Of course, the device won’t do anything without the software. That’s like buying a car without any wheels, so it’s just a deceptive way to try and hook you with a misleadingly low price.

That’s just the entry-level model. I think you want the deluxe.

Another trick is to post prices for low-end devices that won’t enable you to roll out managed Wi-Fi with your broadband service. The low price gets your attention, and then you learn that the inexpensive gateway is unsuitable for the specified broadband tier. The Wi-Fi gateways you need are much more expensive.

Yes, this model has that feature. It’s only $39.99 per month to turn it on.

Just because a feature or capability is listed on the data sheet doesn’t mean it’s included. Be sure to understand what features are built-in to the managed Wi-Fi system and which require an extra license fee. It’s also essential to check whether those license fees are a one-off or recurring expense.


Some Wi-Fi system suppliers see the service provider as a means to offer over-the-top services to subscribers.


Hi there. I’m calling today to offer you an extended warranty …

You probably expect to have an ongoing relationship with your broadband supplier. But it should be about your business, your issues and your opportunities. Not weekly calls bugging you to buy more gateways, more mesh nodes, the latest software feature, or why you need to start paying more monthly fees. Some of our competitors’ customers get so irritated that they feel they are only renting space on their own devices.

Are you just a conduit to the end user?

And if that weren’t bad enough, some Wi-Fi system suppliers see you, the service provider, as a means to establish a relationship with your subscribers to offer over-the-top services. By establishing a direct relationship, they have access to your subscribers’ data, with little to no data privacy safeguards in place. At that point, you feel like you’re losing your connection with your subscribers – and for good reason.

For a proper comparison, consider a three-year model, including all hardware and software costs that meet your requirements

When evaluating broadband access and residential Wi-Fi solutions, make sure you compare apples to apples and have all the ingredients for a complete broadband service. We recommend looking at a three-year model for analyzing expenses and the required features to support your current and future service needs. This approach ensures no surprises down the road.

Adtran makes it easy to understand what you get and what you pay

We believe in fair and transparent pricing to help you make the right decision. And those costs are optimized so that your total cost of ownership enables you to meet your budgets and serve your customers both now and in the future. Contact Adtran to learn more about our end-to-end broadband solution.

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